In recent years pet ownership has surged among people of all ages and backgrounds and the pet product industry has flourished along with it. As more and more Americans discover the joys of owning a pet, they look for items that enhance the lives of their pets along with their own.

Cat ownership has increased significantly, but it seems that dog owners enjoy a bigger variety of stylish pet accessories. Some of these items seem frivolous, others are for pure entertainment, but a number of dog products really do help enhance the health and well being of your canine companion.

Dog Pet Beds – The number one purchase for dog owners who want to spoil their pets.

Pet beds are practical too because they give your dog a warm, safe place to sleep on colder nights. They are great for training your dog to stay off of other surfaces in your home (like the bed or couch). Giving a dog it’s own bed can also relieve anxiet and work as a helpful training tool as well.

Dog beds came in a wide variety, from large to small, outdoor or indoor, and are available in any style you can dream of.

Dog Clothing – The most popular dog accessory today.

Sweaters, tshirts, sweatshirts, costumes, even raincoats are available to dress up your canine companion for any occasion. Dog clothing was previously seen as an accessory only the most eccentric dog owners would use, now you can purchase garments in almost any big box store.

Designers are getting in on the fun too. Big names in fashion are making room in their women’s wear lines for dog outfits in matching patterns and styles.

Natural And Organic Foods – A healthier choice for your dog.

As consumers are becoming smarter and more aware of what ingredients are in their favorite foods, they start paying attention to what’s in their pet’s food too. For years, major pet food brands have used cornmeal, meat byproducts and even corn syrup in both dry and canned dog foods.

Dog lovers are demanding better quality, whole ingredients for their pet’s health and are switching to natural brands, even if that means paying more. The big pet food brands are beginning to take notice and have begun introducing natural products at their same affordable prices. Better meats, vegetables and no corn in your dog’s food is better for their health so this change is definitely good.

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